Who we are and what is our investment philosophy

TNF Ventures

TNF Ventures (TNFV) is founded by a few of us who started this as a passion project to help local startups succeed. We feel that there are many talents locally but few had succeeded because they did not have the right connections to help them to go-to-market, they did not have people whom they can discuss their business challenges with and they did not have guidance in business model development. And most of the time, they were not having fun because the challenges totally overwhelmed them.

We, in TNF Ventures, precisely want to provide value in those areas that matters.

We know we can… because most of us had started from there.

Our Approach

Besides investing into your company, we actively work with you and your team to propel your ideas and business into market leading businesses. We want to help you to address your challenges and to formulate your strategy for sustained competitiveness and business growth.

Yet, we maintain and respect the space that you need to remain inspired and driven.

The Team

When you decide to work with TNF Ventures, you are not working with just one investor of TNF Ventures. Instead, you are accessing a pool of established entrepreneurs, veteran business professionals, scientist and investors who are able to support you with expertise, knowledge and networks to help you become successful.

Over the years, the team in TNFV have built many companies from their infancy and have nurtured many to success; some were public listed and some were trade-sale to MNCs.

The Splendid Network

We have an extensive network not only in Singapore but across Asia and America.

Half of our team resides in China and have outreach to tertiary institutions, government agencies, research laboratories, potential user organizations and business partners in the region. Some of us are also board members of influential organizations.

Entrepreneurs working with TNFV will not only benefit from our collective experience but also the powerful business network.

Having Serious Fun

While the destination of success is important, we want to enjoy the journey there.

Hence, we always include a sprinkle of humor, huge doses of good cheer and wonderful energy and many dollops of fun while working with our start up. We believe this allows us to remain balanced in our approach and perspectives.

Our Investment Philosophy

We are looking for individuals and teams that have the drive, fortitude, tenacity, versatility and capability to create a difference and possess unusual or disruptive technologies.

TELL US about:

YOUR IDEA – We love ideas that change the rules of the games; ideas that leverage technology to disrupt business processes and re-invent industries. We want to know how big your idea is.. what kind of impact it is likely to have. YOUR TEAM – We love an “A” team: people who are talented, driven and yet humble enough to be open to suggestions and help … We look at you first, it’s the competence and character of the people that create success. YOUR EDGE – We love being unique and owning IP can help maintain your lead in being different. Do you own any IP and if you need help in developing the IP?

If you have solutions/products/technologies that are in Telecommunications, Media, Medical and Eco-related, we like to hear from you.

Please contact us at info@nulltnfventures.com



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