Portfolio Companies
  • Taidii

    Taidii is the most popular preschool IT system developed specially to help preschools to improve productivity and service quality.

    Find out more at: www.taidii.com

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  • BeMyGuest

    BeMyGuest is one of the fastest-growing tours and local activities booking platform in Asia.

    Find out more at: www.bemyguest.com.sg

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  • Double Helix Tracking Technologies

    DoubleHelix is the leader in applied forest genetics for conservation and the sustainable timber trade.

    Find out more at: www.doublehelixtracking.com

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  • TouchJet

    Touchjet, a leading innovator in the field of embedded mobile human computer interfaces, which will launch TouchPico – a pico projector designed specifically to help resolve the problem of limited mobile screen space, especially for the use with educational apps.

    Find out more at: www.atouchjet.com

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  • W-Locate

    W-Locate is a technology company that integrates telematics and location analytics to deliver a comprehensive tracking solution for its clients to track, manage and protect valuable resources effectively and efficiently.

    Find out more at: www.w-locate.com

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  • Express In Music

    Express In Music is a platform connecting thousands of musicians with clients seeking personalized music. We personalize songs for your branding and communication needs. Express In Music powers Express Melody, an on-line digital music service providing environmental music to commercial areas such as retail shops, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, hotels, and office buildings.

    Find out more at: www.expressmelody.com

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  • Ohanae

    Ohanae empowers users to create, share, and keep all their files in the public cloud storage and access from multiple devices securely.

    Find out more at: www.ohanae.com

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  • TribeHired

    TribeHired is a social recruitment website dedicated to creating a new experience in job seeking by enabling users to tap into various networks. Using community-driven referrals and engagement, candidates are introduced to companies that have been selected and recommended by key individuals within their respective industries. This engagement between users, employers, and industry leaders helps to facilitate a unique approach that changes the concept of employment from ‘cold contacts’ to ‘warm connections’.

    Find out more at: www.tribehired.com

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  • Mobile Media Creations

    Mobile Media Creations (M2C) is the creators of MOGi, Singapore’s first Mobile Wallet for iPhone and Android, targeting over 2.7 million users in the City State. The technology was created with support from The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The innovative MOGi platform allows merchants to drive their prepaid value cards, loyalty programs, promotions and coupons seamlessly from a hassle-free POS application. In addition to the wallet app on iPhone and Android, the solution includes a Consumer Portal, Merchant CMS and Smart POS system. MOGi uses PayPal’s secure payments system, which has over 1 million registered users in Singapore.

    Find out more at: www.mogicard.com

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  • Quantine

    Next-5.com is a novel platform that allows companies and job/internship seekers to connect and engage without borders or time conflicts. Leveraging on the pervasiveness of webcams, they give jobseekers the ultimate marketing tool..


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  • Flocations

    Flocations provide a visual, minimalistic interface that presents the user with new, undiscovered destinations within their budget, and of course, the proper tools for the user to make an informed decision, act on the decision and share his new found adventure with friends.


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  • TradeHero

    Founded in 2012, TradeHero's mission is to provide a platform for traders to monetize their investment expertise, by democratizing trading in a social and gamified mobile app. TradeHero is a free stock market simulation app, which draws real-world data from stock exchanges to create an unrivalled global social investment network. Users can compete with friends from their social networks, or on the global leaderboards with users from across the world. The app brings novice and knowledgeable traders together, allowing novice traders to subscribe for stock tips via push notifications, and top traders to earn subscription fees from followers.


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